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About the new design...

Thanks to Gilles Bacon we have a groovy new design. Hope you like it!

Each show now has it's own table. That table contains links to: the set list, SHN files for download, MP3 files for download, MP3 streams, photos, web links, video clips for download and video streams to watch on this site.

Now that archive.org is able to host SHN files, we will be removeing the some but not all of the SHNs that were hosted here. Over the next month or so as we complete uploading our stash of shows to archive.org we will be updating the contents of this site. The major changes will be that when you click on a SHN link, you will be downloaing from a server at archive.org rather than this server. Our goal is to become more ofa portal for digital downloads. For more check out our news page

Updated 12/19/2005

We have also added photo galleries.

You can access photos by clicking on the links contained in the table for each show.We have also organized all photos hosted on this site in to one big gallery


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